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    Joint venture for sustainable refractory concepts

    Two internationally respected German companies in the refractory business bring important competences together: Refratechnik's expertise in product development, production, and application in steelworks, and Horn's specialist know-how in recycling und preparation of raw materials.

    Refratechnik Steel GmbH is pleased to enter a production joint venture with Horn & Co. Minerals & Products Management GmbH, and to further expand the Horn Group's previous factory for magnesia carbon bricks in Hünsborn as "Refratechnik Horn Produktions GmbH".

    With raw materials from own mines and plants, and with reclaims produced in Germany, the Refratechnik Group takes another consistent and important step on the way to a circular economy as well as resource independence and conservation. This results in new possibilities for future-oriented technical and ecological concepts "Made in Germany". Dependencies, particularly from Chinese markets, are reduced. Thanks to the production site's central location in Germany, a reliable supply and short delivery times are ensured for customers in Europe.
    Since 1922, the Horn Group has been active in the reworking of steel mill slag and the provision of services in the steel industry. Closely involved in steelmaking processes, Horn sees themselves as service partner for handling, reworking, and disposal of all kinds of accrued solid waste. The Groupʻs aim is to implement a closed material cycle and the highest possible recycling rate for raw materials.

    Refratechnik welcomes the Hünsborn factory into the Refratechnik Group.

    More information on the Horn Group:
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