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    Whistleblowing system.

    Responsible and legally compliant action is part of Refratechnik's value structure, and a basic prerequisite for economic success and fair cooperation. In accordance with Refratechnik's Value Statement "Our actions as a company are not only dictated by what is legal, but far more so by what is also right", our aim is to do things in the right way. The aim is to detect potential risks as early as possible, so that damage to our company, our employees, and our business partners can be prevented. This also means that we are open for information about rule violations, cases of fraud, and white-collar crime. Therefore, you should always report concerns and suspicious facts. It is important that we are informed about unlawful behavior in the company, as this is the only way it can be clarified and corrected. Therefore, we encourage and request everyone to report violations in order to create a safe, law-abiding and value-oriented working environment.

    All concerns and suspicious facts should always be reported. For this, we have installed the eagle lsp whistleblowing system, which you can also use anonymously online on request:

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