Industrial sectors & concepts

    Chemical, environment, and energy.

    The development of new technologies in the fields of energy generation, environmental protection, and the chemical industry also places new demands on the environmental compatibility of refractory materials. The same applies for utmost efficiency in the use of resources. Refratechnik Steel has accepted this challenge and works closely together with plant engineering companies and plant owner/operators to find high-temperature solutions aimed at increasing efficiency and meeting emission targets.
    In order to cover as wide a spectrum as possible, Refratechnik uses shaped products as well as all kinds of unshaped products (cementitious and non-cementitious) for all conventional processing methods.
    We provide refractory concepts for the following technologies amongst others:

    • Power plants based on fossil fuels (coal, lignite, oil, gas)

    • Refuse incineration plants

    • Hazardous waste incineration plants

    • Waste gas cleaning and afterburners for industrial smelting and holding furnaces

    • Combustion chambers for hot air generation

    • Fluidized bed combustion

    • Recirculation ducts

    • Soot generators

    • Ethylene crackers

    • Naphtha crackers

    • Sulphuric acid incineration plants

    • Gas flares‎

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