Processing materials

    Basic products.

    The REFRAMAT® product group includes all insulating materials produced with basic raw materials. Primarily, these are magnesite and dolomite as well as their carbonates. Basic products are used exclusively for special applications – particularly for the production of stainless steels and special steels. These steel melts can react with certain components – e.g. SiO2, TiO2 and Al2O3 – used in "standard" insulation materials such as biogenic silica and calcium aluminates.
    Since magnesites containing light granulates have a high melting point > 1700 °C, they cannot react with the melt. They are metallurgically inert and are used exclusively for thermal insulation.
    Basic covering materials are produced using dolomite as raw material, and their melting point is adjusted by adding e.g. SiO2 and Na2O. These products have a high capacity for absorbing oxide inclusions such as Al2O3, without any overcrusting.
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